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Work Zone Safety Quiz 2024

Test your work zone safety knowledge and take the quiz below.
*At 65 MPH, the stopping distance of a semi-truck is ____ % greater than the stopping distance of a passenger vehicle. Make sure you give trucks enough space to come to a complete stop.
*On average 95% of work zone related fatalities are road users.
*Work zone speed limits in Illinois are in effect:
*One of the most common crashes in a work zone is:
*On average, how many work zone related fatalities occur nationwide every year?
*The penalty for hitting a worker in a work zone in Illinois is up to:
*What can be a distraction while driving in a work zone?
*It is very important to do which of the following while driving in a work zone:
*A work zone begins at the first warning sign (orange sign with black text) that indicates a work zone is ahead.
*Scott’s Law states that users need to slow down, and if possible, change lanes for stopped emergency vehicles, maintenance vehicles or stranded vehicles with the hazard lights on.
*When approaching a lane closure a driver must
*When approaching a work zone, a driver should give heavy vehicles plenty of room to adjust to conditions because heavy vehicles:
*When directed to use both lanes in advance to a lane closure, drivers should _____ at the merge point.
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