This report reflects pay estimates processed to prime contractors by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Pay estimate information is retained for the last two pay estimates and 60 days for the final pay estimate. It does not reflect the actual issuance of a payment by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller.  Vendor payment status information is available on the Illinois Office of the Comptroller's web site.

The following pay estimates are new and will be updated daily. To view individual records, click on contract number below.

NOTICE: IDOT is currently experiencing an issue with new data displaying on this website. Please note that we are processing pay estimates, but the data may not be available for pubic viewing at this time. We are working to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. In the meantime, contractors are advised to contact their district resident engineers for up-to-date information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to resolve the issue.


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Contract NumberData UpdatedDOT VendorRouteState JobSection
60W3406/21/2023C13680FAI 80 C-91-243-132013-008B
60Y2306/21/2023C01030FAP 305 C-91-338-141719-N(14)
62A4706/21/2023C04250FAP 330 C-91-200-1591Y-N-2
62J6506/21/2023C36300HSB 393 C-91-035-202019-121-RS&SW
64P2106/21/2023C28880FAI 80 C-92-054-20D2 BC 2021-5
66F5606/21/2023C00820FAU 6194 C-93-096-16(109)DR
70B0506/21/2023C12500FAS 497A C-95-040-20K(RS-2)
74C0606/21/2023C11630VAROIUS C-97-055-23D7 GUARDRAIL 2023-2
76J9006/21/2023C63440FAI 270 C-98-284-1860B-1
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